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An unfavorable result in a criminal trial does not necessarily signal the final outcome. If legal errors occurred during the trial, there may be grounds to mount an appeal.

At Devereux & Banzhoff, PLLC, we handle criminal appeals for clients in Asheville and throughout North Carolina. Our attorneys have the written and oral advocacy skills to prevail in this unique legal arena.

Appeals Vs. Trials

An appeal is different from a trial. A trial focuses on proof of the facts necessary to prove a case. On appeal, the parties are arguing about legal errors that occurred during the trial. Our office has represented a large number of cases in state and federal appeals.

The process of an appeal is fairly similar between state court and federal court. Once the transcripts of the trial are received, we carefully review the transcripts and the record in the case looking for legal errors. Usually, the court will set a deadline for the filing of a brief based upon the date when the transcripts are received. After briefing has occurred, the appellate court determines whether it desires oral argument on the issues. If oral argument is allowed, the lawyers argue the case for a fixed period of time before a three-judge panel.

In some circumstances, further appeal, Petitions for Rehearing, Petitions for Discretionary Review or Petitions for Certiorari are appropriate. Our attorneys have experience pursuing appeals beyond the initial stage to include all stages of the appellate process.

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